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Need to write something.....

So Christmas is over since a month much anticipation and planning, buying gifts, decorating and then it's over in a blink of an eye. Tatiana feels weird about that. It's kind of sad......
Anyways, Tatiana had her Christmas tree up until last week, then she finally put everything away, the tree and all the decorations around the house, neatly in some boxes. Until next time. Tatiana thinks that she will have a taller tree next year. A plastic tree btw. She would feel bad to use a real tree for Christmas and then just dump it when it's all over. She can always donated her current plastic tree when she gets a taller one for next year.

Today Tatiana's day consisted of some laps in the park with Chhaya. They ran two laps and did some uphill sprints. It felt great afterward. Tatiana's ass is on the larger side right now, it needs to shrink a little.
There was also a few loads of laundry done. A meet up with Mikey.
A trip to Fashion Show mall. Two new bra's. A girl can not have too much lingerie.
Tatiana saw a pair of black skinny jeans at Diesel. Maybe in a couple of weeks.......maybe.....she just remembered that she already has a pair of black skinny jeans.....there is really no need for two pairs then.
But Tatiana still needs two new pairs of stripper shoes, the old ones probably need to retire soon. Stinky. Lol.
Tatiana is going to open a museum and display her retired shoes and outfits. That's a great idea! Or maybe the Hard Rock Hotel here in town wants to display all or some chosen pieces of Tatiana's outfits?
So anyways, anyone want to buy Tatiana some new stripper shoes? It can't hurt to ask. If not......Tatiana will get them herself. Eventually.

Here is Tatiana's cute tree.
It's getting late. Time for a shower and some sleep.


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