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It will just make me stronger!

Tatiana had a couple of exhausting days due to a person causing problems for her.
Very unfortunate. But things are moving forward and Tatiana feels somewhat better and relieved.
This was just another experience and it will only make Tatiana stronger.
The roommate is out.....

Nothing fun and crazy to write about at the moment. Days are nice and lazy. But it's time to step it up a notch and get busier, get things done.
Doing good, looking amazing.
: )

Tatiana has Bieber fever, LOL


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P. on :

It's good that you finally got rid of that headache, you are way too nice to have that around you.
Good for you!

Anonymous on :

Bieber fever? Oh, Tatiana, you have better taste than that...

Tatiana on :

I was joking! Bieber is cute in his own way but a little too young, lol.

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