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Still here on Kodiak Island but not for much longer. This will most likely be the first and last time Tatiana comes out here, but never say never.
She got lucky with the weather and has done quite a bit of sightseeing.
So did you know that STRESSED is DESSERTS backwards? Tatiana loves, looooves desserts. Ice cream, Swedish Princess Cake, pie with ice cream on the side, eclair, carrot cake, almond croissant, creme brulee, any kind of apple cake. Tatianas diet could easy just consist of desserts in various forms all day long.
So when you do feel stressed, enjoy some desserts and calm down. And think of Tatiana. BLISS!
Tatiana is going to take Chhaya for a walk right now.
Here is a pic of something yummy that Tatiana enjoyed not too long ago.


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Dairyman III on :

How come, even when I am not stressed, I think of Tatiana all day long? Is this a whipped cream deficiency?

Tatiana on :

: )

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