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Last night Tatiana encountered and danced for a person that was nice but somewhat annoying. He was asking the usual annoying and prying questions. "Why do you do this?" "Is this ALL you do?" Bla, bla, bla.......He thought there was a STIGMA attached to dancers. Well, Tatiana told him that if he thought there was such a negative stigma attached to dancers and strip clubs in general, then why was he in there? Also, she had to inform him that all the imagined stigmas he was thinking of and all the other preconceived notions he had for sure did not apply to her. And many other girls doing what Tatiana does as well.
And after the three dances were done, of course, he would just love to see Tatiana outside of the club. What? Why would somebody want to be in the company of such a bad person as a stripper? Please. Tatiana politely declined. It is really nothing personal, Tatiana is just NOT interested. She has enough of strangers at work. Outside she socializes with herself, Chhaya and a handful of selected friends.
At this moment she will only make exceptions for Chester Bennington, Ellen and Kate Moss.

Here is Kate. Lovely.


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William on :

A stigma is part of the anatomy of the female flower. There is no negative connotation associated with this definition. If I am "stigmatized" by viewing feminine beauty, well, then I hope to be stigmatized tomorrow and the next day too. Viva la Summertime!

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