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I Had To Complain

Today I had to complain. Went to Stumptown to get a latte before Pet Pack. I don't go to Stumptown too often but it is my fave place for latte in Portland. The price on coffee and other goods as you might have noticed, have gone up. Lattes are pricey. So when I pay for a 16 ounce latte with vanilla I expect that cup to be 16 ounces and have vanilla syrup in it. Had I wanted a 12 ounce latte without vanilla I would had ordered that. I find that highly annoying, like do your job as a barista. Pay attention to what you are doing instead of doing no effort.
So I turned around and asked them to add the vanilla syrup and fill up with oat milk up to the brim.
It has been raining a lot here lately so I did not get an iced one.

Yummy. Then off to Pet Pack. I think next Sunday I am going to have coffee with my friend Mario that I met through Pet Pack.

Afterwards I did errands, had to get groceries and toothpaste. I got black garlic. Ate two whole ones.

I had a pretty busy day. It is almost 10 pm now, I am in bed eating strawberry rhubarb pie and I will find a Dateline episode to watch, then read until I fall asleep.


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