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Yesterday And Today

Yesterday I had Pet Pack, something I do on Sundays.....since a few years now. When I arrived at the location I found out that somebody had stolen the van (a large van at that) where the Potluck In The Park crew keeps their supplies. Like tables, canopies, ropes etc. They provide tables and a canopy for us as well since we (Pet Pack) are kind of an extension of them. So I had to turn around and go back to the store where we keep our supplies to get some tables. It rained on and off yesterday so we got rained on without a canopy but it is what it is. The less fortunate have no roof over their heads.
Our tables with cat and dog food.

Today I was hoping to see some meteors. I read that, "Astronomers at NASA told skywatchers to be on the lookout Monday night for the never-before-seen tau Herculids meteor shower, though they are not sure it will even happen." did not happen for me. I headed to the closest park and looked up. I stayed at the park for at least an hour scanning the sky but no meteors crossed my vision. Maybe others were luckier.

Then I had to go home to my bed and a slice of carrot cake. Soon sleep.


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