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Powell's City Of Books With A Friend

Today I went to Powell's City Of Books with a friend. Julia happens to be in town.
We used to go to the bookstore several times a week back in the day when we both lived in Las Vegas, have coffee, read and talk.
So Powell's Books closed for a while during Covid and there was even talks of it not opening up again but they did eventually open and they are busy. And the coffee shop in there, Guilder Café is open as well.
I read about a latte they serve there called the Autumn Miracle Pill. Love the name and it was described as a "latte with cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, vanilla, panela, cold brew, salt". WOW! YUM! I was like....I HAVE to go to Powell's and try that!
Here it is.

After the second sip I was disappointed. No taste whatsoever of any of the ingredients listed, tasted like a plain latte. Came only in a 12 ounce cup and that is small for $6.
I think the barista was new too cause she was hesitating a lot and swiped off the espresso mound with her finger. Like NO.
Powell's itself is a great bookstore! I love browsing around in there, it is a place that you can spend some time getting lost in.

Note our matching necklaces.

I got Cheryl Strayed's wild as a gift that I want to give to a friend that recently went through a huge change in life. I hope she will find inspiration from reading it. I love this book and I have given it to several people.

I wanted a book too.....well I want like a lot of the books in there but I can't have them all. I decided on this book about Ruth Bader Ginsburg. I need inspiration too and why not get it from a great woman like Ruth?


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