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Sitting here at night and feeling nostalgic. Looking at online rave pictures from the past. This was Together As One 2004. New Year's Eve. Me and Julia. (Middle row to the left).

The memories I have from my rave days.....SO MUCH FUN. The raves in Southern CA back in the day.....late 90s through before EDC moved to Vegas (so before 2011) were pure magic.
I went to my last rave in LA in 2010. It was Monster Massive. My first rave was Narnia, late 90s. All that mattered was the music. The dancing. The feeling of togetherness.
I remember wearing large pants and small tops with a butterfly, a glittery fairy or something Hello Kitty on it.
Tennis shoes. Cute bracelets and colorful rings. The energy was amazing. Everybody was the same. No such thing as way too expensive bottles of alcohol, roped off areas and not being allowed to sit down at a table unless you paid for it (that has never been my thing anyways). Hours of your life going by way too fast while lost in a wonderful rave world, feeling the rhythm of the bass not wanting the night to end. I am so grateful I have those memories and experiences. Also a bit sad because those days are gone.....LA Sports Arena, LA Coliseum, National Orange Show San Bernadino, plus places I don't even remember anymore. I just know I danced and that I felt alive.
More nostalgic feelings earlier today. I went to the mall and had a latte from Nordstrom . Going to the mall was like my weekend activity for a while back in the day in Vegas and I would usually start off (if I went to Fashion Show mall) with an enorme iced vanilla latte with whipped cream. Like this one. I usually did this with Julia.

I am going to sit here in the quiet of the night and continue searching the web for rave pics from back in the day.


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