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This week I did my receptionist volunteering thing, I usually do that once a week. I get free coffee and get to read interesting magazines. A story on Hans Christian Andersen in this magazine, one of the saddest fairy tales I know is "The Little Match Girl". I have actually cried reading it.

And I finally made a forever home for my 2019 playa dust. I kept the dust (a very fine sand) in a plastic container until today. My procrastination is real, this project took almost two years.....
The Burning Man 2019 art theme was Metamorphoses, "a celebration of change, and an exploration of uncertainty. Memory is fickle, and the future is uncertain".
Interesting huh? Cause not too long after that COVID-19 swept across the globe and there was no official Burning Man in 2020 and this year's event is postponed until 2022....but not really. So, am I going to Burning Man this year? There is only one way you will find out. Keep on reading my blog! :-)


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