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Checking In

Hi there....checking in here with the latest from me.
Did another photo shoot, yes soon you will see me on the cover of Vogue and Sports Illustrated ;-) but until then you will have to read my blog to see any photos of me. For this shoot I also brought along a friend that wants more pictures of herself and why not, when you are 25 you should take as many pictures of yourself as you can so you can marvel at how cute and young you once used to be....My friend's name is Ann and she took some pics of us for her Snapchat.....when you are in your 20s you do things like Snapchat. Pics with some sort of filter. That explains why most girls on Snapchat, Instagram and other types of social media look like flawless big eyed cartoon characters. Filters.

I decided to make an effort for this shoot and bought a foundation and even got some foundation brushes - fancy!
I never use foundation, I used to a long time ago and one day I got smart and realized that my skin looked and felt way better without it. No need for foundation. But I guess for a photoshoot I can make an exception. My first thought was to get the Armani Luminous Silk but the stores around here are only selling the larger size bottle and I do not need that much so I got a much cheaper brand, L'Oréal. It looked a little weird on I initially thought but I got used to it.

AND I painted my toenails. It's been over a year since I had a pedicure and nail polish on my toes....of course I take care of my feet at home but I decided to let my nails breathe hence no polish. Well I decided on pink and glitter (of course).
And in case you are really into feet or curious about MY feet in particular, here you go - two pics of my feet. Size 8 in case you wonder. Another fun fact, foot massage is one of my fave activities to enjoy. Preferably for two hours.

And from foundation and nail polish to dogs. Today I had Pet Pack. And I met a super cute shy little girl named Lola. And her Dad Bob. We gave her a blanket that she immediately took a liking to.

And after Pet Pack I took Lola and Bob (a Vietnam veteran) to the VA hospital so they could get shelter and stay the night and so Lola's Dad could get his second dose of COVID-19 vaccine tomorrow. Lola was tired and started snoring one minute into getting into my car.

Afterwards I went and picked up some food at the Hawthorne Asylum food carts.
Drove home and ate. Went for a walk. Relaxed. And now I am in bed not all wanting it to be Monday tomorrow. I have a busy week ahead of me. I'd rather sleep and do "nothing".


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