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I got up at 9 30 today so I could be downtown and ready for Pet Pack (needed to grab a latte first, always) by 11. While in the parking lot with my latte, the person in the vehicle next to me backed into my car. It was an older man and since my car is far from a newer model and already got plenty of scratches and dents I told him not to worry about it. Why complicate someone's life if not necessary?
It was a busy day at Pet Pack and I even got flowers, daffodils and a flower made of fabric that I can keep forever.
Thank You Michael and Fritz for the nice flowers!
Yes I know I said that I do not like to receive cut flowers and everybody that knows me is aware of that but in this situation this person only knows me from a few short meetings at Pet Pack.....

I took the flowers home. I am not going to throw them away although I prefer that flowers don't get cut. And speaking of flowers, we are a week into March and I am starting to see cute little flowers slowly peeking out.

It is Sunday evening. How was your week? Mine was.....well I had a conflict with a person so I have been dealing with that.
Tomorrow I am having a busy day from 10 am until 11 pm. Tonight I am going to take a bath, wash my hair and put on a face mask. Maybe watch a movie. A typical Sunday evening.


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