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Great Bargains

In case you don't already can make great bargains on anything Valentine's Day related if you wait until after Valentine's Day to get the card, chocolates, flowers, teddy bear etc.
So instead of stressing and running around on V-Day next year.....wait until the day after or even better about four days or so (for the even better bargains) after Valentine's Day and really spoil your special person with a lot of stuff.
I do not want flowers ever, flowers should only grow outside or in a pot if they are inside, instead of sadly wilting to their death in a vase. I think it is flower abuse to have flowers in a vase. So wasteful.
Look at all the flowers that are left over from February 14.

I like to appreciate my family and friends on Valentine's Day. It's not only about romantic love for me.
The other day one of my friends came over and we had these super cute macarons and some pink bubbly wine that was yucky. I want to find a sweet and yummy bubbly wine and it has to be pink. Still looking.....the one I had one New Year's Eve was ok.
Don't feel bad if you didn't get showered with Valentine's gifts this year or ever.
Remember that many of the couples that show off their "happy" relationship on social media are far from happy in real life.
Celebrate the love you have for family, friends and pets instead! ❤️️

Another thing that is wasteful in my opinion is to get a live tree every year for Christmas only to throw it out when the festivities are over. Poor tree. My plastic tree is over ten years old and it is not going anywhere.


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