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Snow In Portland

We have snow in Portland and a winter storm warning in effect. It is super windy and 29 degrees. I can hear the wind outside. I am very grateful that I have a safe place and heat inside. I feel bad for those that don't. People and animals.

Portland is about to start opening up again tomorrow.....that means people can go back to the places that been closed down since the latest shut down in mid November of last year. Including myself. Yeay. I feel stagnant and lazy.
So I will be busy for the next three days with work.
I ordered a phone today. Online. Not sure how I feel about that, it feels a bit sketchy to order a phone online but I am trying to save money and I don't like paying almost $100 more for the same product in the store. Picking out a phone is confusing and annoying. I am annoyed because my phone that I have is technically still working. Although it's not. I can't do anything with it and I haven't for like THREE weeks. That is how long I have been dragging to pick out a new phone. And I will be even more confused if my new phone arrives and for some reason I won't be able to activate it or if there is something wrong with it. If so, do I just send it back and order another one? Last time I got a phone was 2013 and it was free actually. Not this time. This time I was deciding between a Motorola and a Samsung but I picked the Samsung in the end because of more storage space and what I think is a better camera. I like taking pictures after all. And I decided between a white and a blue phone and decided to go with the blue. I wish it came in gold or pink but it doesn't. After it arrives and I make sure it works I will order a phone case. So now I have updated everyone about my exciting phone problems.
That's it....not much else to say. I need to take a bath and wash my hair and prepare a bit for tomorrow.
I know that there are many winter storms across the US and other places. I hope you too are safe and warm.


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