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My Boring Life

Hello and welcome back to another update about my boring life.....Not much has happened but let me tell you about it anyways, perhaps someone out there might find it interesting.
It snowed in Portland a few weeks ago and the snow stuck around for like five minutes. Well a little longer than five minutes but not much longer than that. Here is the picture of the snow. Yeay snow.....

This is what I eat often. Penne pasta with this delicious pasta sauce called Arrabbiata by Rao's. It is a bit spicy which I like and one box of penne pasta and a jar of sauce will make two meals for me and costs about $10. Not bad! In fact I will eat this tomorrow.

What else super exciting can I share? Oh I was craving donuts and this box looked so cute that I could nor resist it....let me say this, the box is cute but I won't get those donuts again.

And finally I got a new mask to add to the collection. It's like getting new clothes.....for the face.

There you you can see there is not much going on. Yes of course I do things like go to the grocery store, the post office, pay bills, do errands, keep in touch with family and friends, I have Pet Pack usually two-three times a month and I do office related stuff on a weekly basis.
I also wrote that I have been feeling kind of BLEH lately, to describe that feeling a bit better....I am happy but also not. Feeling unenthusiastic and have a hard time getting out of bed. Perhaps the COVID situation has dampened my spirit.


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