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Technology Failure

I am in the midst of a technology failure. First my laptop started acting up, nothing major at first just certain websites stopped working, then certain things that I need access to stopped working and when I tried to update my browsers the updating did not work. This is my second MAC laptop, my first computer was an HP desktop. I also have an iPad that works great. Anyhow, I am not that technical so I took my laptop into a computer place where a smart technician worked his magic and it is now working as it should. I hope. I just got it back and I am not sure if everything is working yet. Again....I am not the most technical person.
And my Samsung S3 that I proudly had since May 2013 also stopped working. And it is done. Not because it is broken, instead the network does not support older models like the S3 anymore. So I was told. Which I think is bullshit. I have zero desire in upgrading my phone as soon as a new model comes out, I could easily had my phone for several more years. It worked just fine.
So I have another Samsung that one of my neighbors decided to leave behind, I was hoping that one would work because it is newer than my S3 but it was a no on that one too. Then I dug out my emergency phone, a GoPhone that saved me a few times when I did not have access to my S3. The last time that happened was in 2017 when a troglodyte decided to take (steal) my phone and held onto it until the police visited him and got it back for me. Anyhow....the GoPhone is not compatible either with the network at this point. Seriously.....
So I have been without a phone for well over a week and I am doing just fine but I know that I need to get a phone sooner than later. I do not want to buy the latest model, I have been looking at older models and even used phones but I don't know which one to pick. There are too many! And I think phones are way too expensive, so overpriced! And spending money on a phone when my S3 technically IS working feels extra sour.
It is annoying. I recall when things were easy and you had a phone at home, hooked up to a landline with an answering machine that took messages in case you could not answer. The only convenient thing about smart phones is the instant access to a camera because I like taking pictures and the map feature. I get lost easy, I have no sense of direction so having that helps. But then again I somehow managed to find my way around in Paris and NYC without access to a smart phone map feature. And many other places as well. Like orienteering back in middle school with a compass and a map somewhere in the forest and I was actually really good at that which is surprising because of my poor sense of direction.
So if you have a phone you don't use you can donate it to me!

Of course my baby Chhaya is the profile picture on both my phone and my laptop. She is the only one worthy of that.


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