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Some 2020 Pics

We are almost one week into 2021 - how does it feel? We live in crazy times. I predict a wild ride, so be prepared.
Anyhow I have some pics from the year that just passed that I will squeeze in. So here they are.
I saved a squirrel.

One evening, a very cold evening, I saw something laying still in the middle of the road. As I approached I saw that it was a squirrel that appeared to be injured because it could barely move and when it moved it only scooted sideways. Luckily I was not too far away from where I live so I ran home and got a dustpan and a large paper bag. The squirrel was still in the road when I got back. I managed to get it into the paper bag and took it home. I made Squirrley (by now it had a name) a temporary home with soft rags and a little basket to curl up in. I got Squirrley all kinds of nuts to eat and one of those water bottles that hamsters and pet rabbits drink from. The first couple of days she (or he?) slept, warmed up and ate a lot. And pooped and peed. I had to change the bedding and clean Squirrley's temporary home a few times. And then Squirrley started to move around more and also tried to get out. When I was almost sure that Squirrley was healed I decided it was time to let her go in a large park some distance away from roads with cars. A park full of squirrels. Of course I wanted to keep her because she was so cute but that would had been wrong. And when she got out and felt the grass under her feet she took off and jumped up into a tree. I watched her for a while and she seemed healed, I hope she is OK.

I tried facial acupuncture. Around 40 needles in my face, small silver ones that look like little dots (barely visible) in the pic and some thicker ones. It did not hurt. And it did not do much. At least nothing that I can see now. I was hoping to look like 15 again after a few procedures but no, perhaps after I have a face lift.....
There is no surgery, botox or fillers in my face. Although I might do something about the glabellar lines in a few months....maybe.

2020s physical shape. When you wear stockings or leggings nobody can see that you are too lazy to shave your legs.

2020 was the year when I wore masks on my face outside of Burning Man. I hand wash masks now instead of underwear, well I still hand wash some of my undies and other delicate items.
Mask requirement to go into any sort of store, bank, post office etc in Oregon since around April 2020.

Mask and mascara for the more glam look.

And the awake for ten minutes and it's cold outside mask. With my last latte of 2020.

You can also wear a face shield sometimes for fun. Especially fun are the face shields with cartoon or animal characters. Perhaps you too need a unicorn face shield?

Unfortunately masks mean more litter. Please don't be this person. Don't litter.

And that was that. Some 2020 pics. Last Year. A year that went by so fast. And changed a lot in the world.


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