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2021 Has Arrived we are, 2021 has arrived! Happy New Year! How is your first day of 2021 going? I hope excellent! :-)
So since I have this idea in my head that I have to start a new year on a somewhat organized note I made sure to get some much needed stuff done the last day of 2020 (which in turn led to me not being able to blog anything yesterday which I wanted to but more on that later).
Therefore I spent yesterday afternoon getting stuff done and that felt good. When I got home I took a bath and washed my hair because you also need to welcome a new year perfectly fresh and clean. Then I went for a long walk and it was so nice out yesterday evening.
After that it was time for dinner and I enjoyed falafel, hummus, salad and pita bread.
The clock started inching towards Midnight so the champagne came out, I wanted pink champagne.

Cheers and Happy New Year with great company and one of the best groups ever - ABBA. Gott Nytt År!

I spent my first hours of 2021 watching music videos (I love watching music videos btw), I cried a bit when I put on my favorite song of all songs, it is the most beautiful song of all to me, Caruso sung by the great Luciano Pavarotti. Then I laughed a lot cause I watched comedy. My latest fave is Sebastian Maniscalco and I also like Daniel Tosh. But at the very end I put on Eddie Murphy's Delirious and laughed until about 4 30 am and that is when I decided to go to bed. Music and laughter...can't get much better than that.
Today, New Year's Day has been spent relaxing and feeling cozy. No plans of going anywhere besides for a walk later on. I will play backgammon and watch Ivanhoe (it is a Swedish tradition after all).
I heated up dumplings (these are good, Trader Joe's Thai Vegetable Gyoza in case you wonder) to eat and I will have ice cream later. A perfect start of 2021 if I might say so myself.
I feel happy and grateful.

Let's hope for a good year! 2020 went by very fast for me, I recall New Year's Eve 2019 as it was as recent as about four months ago.
So I mentioned that my plan yesterday was to write a blog, the last blog entry for 2020 but I got too busy to actually do that so I will save it for later. It will be a belated 2020 blog. But I am still enjoying this wonderful New Year's Day 2021.


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Alex from San Diego on :

Hi T,

It's been a long time for sure.
I havent been keeping up with your blogs but
I think about you sometimes and the fun
I had hanging out with you and Julie.
Da Nang!

Happy New Year T!


Tatiana on :

Hi Alex! :-)
I hope you are well!
Da Nang and Happy New Year!
Take good care!

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