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Santa Was Here

Yes.....Santa was here. I woke up to two presents on the table.

What could it be? A designer handbag and some preciuos stones perhaps? Yes of course, it must be! I have been so good all year. Look! The most sought after items of 2020, toilet paper and disinfectant wipes. I am such a lucky girl indeed. Santa knows how to make me happy! Who needs a Prada or a Birkin when you can have a roll of toilet paper? Diamonds? No thanks. Plus showing off designer items feels so....passé, doesn't it?

Did you have a very Covid Christmas as well?

Of course it is late when I am writing and it is pouring down rain outside. When I wake up tomorrow Christmas will be over, until next year. Already over, so fast! The decorations will stay for another 10 days or so. I like my Christmas gnomes.....I believe in all the old time faerie tales about trolls, gnomes and princesses. I grew up reading those faerie tales.


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