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Last Few Days

Good Morning or Good Night depending on how you see it, it is 2 41 am here December 9. Here is what I have been up to the last few days....get ready for some excitement!
Met up with friends for coffee, Portland opened up for outside dining. And these two girls I see in a close setting on a regular basis anyways so it's not like they are strangers.

Finally made some raspberry whipped cream, not difficult. Puree raspberries and fold into the whipped cream. I had that with vanilla bean ice cream. Will definitely have this again, I love anything dessert.

Have you met my boyfriend yet? If not, here he is! Me and the boyfriend have an intimate date almost every evening. The other night I fell asleep while my boyfriend was massaging my feet (he is an amazing boyfriend) and woke up the next day with my contacts glued to my eyeballs. One of the eyes was red and irritated from the wild night and both eyes were light sensitive, so I had to wear my glasses all day long which I need new lenses for cause the ones that are in the frames are scratched and I definitely need a new prescription. Maybe one of these days.....

This evening I cooked food for dogs. Turkey with either sweet potato, brown rice or quinoa. Some boiled carrots as well. Unfortunately the girls (dogs) are not vegetarian but do eat quite a bit of veggies and fruit. I try to limit their kibble intake, kibble is convenient but not the best you can feed your dog (in my opinion). So if you have a dog and feed only kibble, read up on that and start giving your friend some better food. It is your very best friend after all....!

I need to be up by 9 15 am for a Webex office meeting so I should probably think about going to bed soon.
Webex meetings are great, no unnecessary driving back and forth for a short one hour meeting that can be handled online (saves the environment, gas expenses and wear and tear on the car), taking the bus to my office I do not even know if that is possible? I can also roll out of bed 10 minutes before the meeting starts, throw on a t-shirt and still wear my pajama pants instead of getting up way earlier and having to find a suitable outfit for an office setting (NO, Pleaser platforms with rhinestones won't work in this office). Somehow people manage to go to the bathroom (on camera) during Webex and Zoom meetings and even masturbate in front of their colleagues. Like what? And people have the audacity to to talk bad about strippers when I have witnessed way more dysfunction in non strip club settings by non dancers. For real. Anyhow, time for bed.


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