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December Has Arrived

Well.....December has arrived. The last month of the year, countdown 'til Christmas and New Years. Many people are so ready for 2020 to be over, waiting for 2021 to be things will miraculously get better just because it is 2021. No, they won't. If anything things might get worse. With overpopulation happening I only see more diseases and problems in the future for the human race. Unless we start changing our ways and I don't know if that is possible for many. I feel bad for kids growing up in today's society. And putting children to the world now? No way. If you are thinking about squeezing out a baby or adding another one to the collection.....think again. And please do not have more than two if possible (sometimes twins and triplets happen).
I am wearing a mask because I had to get my mail at the post office. I made some personal progress yesterday and today. Combed and washed my hair and got another kind of large task at least started. Feels good. Now I can go to bed with much less guilt. It is easier to get out of bed in the morning with less stuff on the must do list.


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