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November Moon Over Portland

Full moon today with a lunar eclipse around Midnight where I live, so I will dig out my telescope from the depths of my closet and go outside later. Not.
I did go outside earlier though and saw the November moon over Portland. First from over here.....

And then I continued walking and saw the moon over this boat.....check out the name of the boat. Portland! I also learned on my walk this evening that Stumptown and Mudtown were considered as names for Portland before Portland officially became Portland.

So the famous Portland sign has a white stag on it, I thought it was a reindeer of some sort but learned that it is a stag. Very important! Well....the white stag has a red nose now. We are approaching Christmas after all. I am even getting my Christmas presents ready. And thinking about decorating this year. The key word here is THINKING.

What else is going on? NOT MUCH. Let me tell you....I have been in a lethargic slump with anxiety in the mornings. My hair is like one big unbrushed dreadlock that I so do not want to deal with (NOOOOO!). I've had some weird dreams that I can only vaguely remember but I know I didn't like them. Yea....morning anxiety that doesn't start to fade away until I have been up for a few hours. And it takes me a while to get out of bed because I do not want to get up and start my day.
And I was sick last week. A cold with a headache that lasted for three days. I can't remember last time I had a cold. I took some expired Tylenol that I had at home that did not help (I threw out the expired pills) so on the third day I went to the store and got some Excedrin Extra Strength (for the headache). What if I had COVID? No, I think I only had a cold that lasted a few days and that was last week, no more cold or headache. Anyhow....I am in a slump. Not sure why. Just taking one day at a time. Can't complain about anything, I have everything that I need and then some. Not sure why I am feeling this way. But I know that it will pass (yes?). Perhaps I am feeling the collective slump of the world? least my walk tonight was really nice. And I did have a good day after all.


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