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State Wide Freeze the beginning of last week we (here in Oregon) were told that starting tomorrow and until the day before Thanksgiving were going to enter a two week pause. And by Wednesday last week it was announced that the pause had turned into a state wide freeze, like how it was back in March. Portland which is located in Multnomah County is facing a four week freeze (for now) and all the other counties are looking at two weeks (for now).
So starting tomorrow I am going into pause mode.
I actually really enjoyed those 2 1/2 months earlier this year of doing much of nothing. I still did stuff but not a whole lot.
This time around it will pretty much be the same except that I will take some online education courses that I have access to now which I didn't during the first freeze. I will stay up late and sleep in. Take loooooong walks, personally I believe that lots of fresh air during this pandemic and in general is very good. Clean and organize. Cross things off on the to-do list. Watch Netflix. Wax my very hairy thighs. Read a bunch. Write some blogs? ;-)
Today I got some vitamins, thought that some extra zinc and vitamin C won't hurt me. I think I might be in need of a boost of zinc anyways. And the water in the pic is called Gerolsteiner and it is full of minerals, I drink that on a regular basis. Once in a while I get a craving for a cold ginger beer, I felt that craving today. So I got some.

I looked at the restrictions/instructions for both OR and WA state and it is very obvious that many people completely ignore many of the advisories. Of course in their minds they are doing nothing wrong. This is typical human behavior.
My advise is just as not sneeze and/or cough in your hands when outside of your home and then touch stuff. It is gross, COVID or no COVID, just don't do that. Don't touch your eyes and pick your nose with germy fingers and wash your hands.


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Mr. B on :

Thank you for the updates. Happy holidays to you. Glad you are safe and well.
I enjoyed reading about moral failures. I might cross some borders later this year. I will let you know if they fail to catch me!

Tati on :

Happy Holidays to you as well and stay well. I just recovered from a headache that almost lasted 3 days, not fun.

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