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Kylie Minogue recently released her fifteenth album, Disco and I love the songs I have heard so far. Kylie is AMAZING....I love her. ❤️️ One song is called Supernova. It must be about me..... ;-)
Check out Kylie's new album, it is really good!

Shining like a supernova
Brightest of the stars
From another galaxy
Like Jupiter and Mars

Portland is put on a "pause" starting today and this pause is supposed to last until the day before Thanksgiving. This means no gatherings with people outside your own household (recommended, not enforced), we are encouraged to get take out instead of dining in and basically be more mindful of where and who we spend our time with. In my weekly Zoom meeting with my office (yes, I "belong" to an office since a while with my own desk and everything - can you believe it?!) we were told to not come in unless absolutely necessary. Prior to this pause we were limited to 10 people total in the office. There are also some new maximum capacities set on places where people gather.
Have you had COVID-19 (yet)? I personally know two people that have and they had two different experiences with the virus. Very interesting. Remember to wash your hands! So I am basically grounded for the next two weeks.....kind of.


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