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Broken Havaianas

As soon as the weather permits I dig out my flip flops and basically live in them until it gets too cold to wear them. It is good to let the feet breathe. I have been using Havaianas for a long time but I noticed that they would break. Usually one would snap and I would throw that pair out. Well after it had happened too many times I would just keep the one that didn't break and start pairing up the non broken ones, why throw away a good Havaiana when you can still wear it? I don't care that the flip flops don't match. I also stopped matching socks a long time ago, I don't have energy to find the mate to a sock....and nobody can see my socks anyways and if they do, I don't care.
Besides, Pippi Longstocking had mismatched socks and I want to be like Pippi.
Another household thing that I never do is iron. Completely unnecessary according to me.

Today I was in the mood for some food that taste like home. I noticed that Costco have been out of the pierogis I used to get since a while now, so I went back to a food cart area here in Portland that I love and got some borscht and vareniki. And a jalapeño lemonade. I am going back next week again I promised myself. Food makes me happy.

Before I go I want to show you this hollyhock, it is taller than me. In case you wonder I am 5'9.

Have a beautiful weekend everybody! ❤️


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