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My absence here is due to that I have been immersed in a Spanish series on Netflix called Gran Hotel (Grand Hotel in English). I have been watching for hours every night since last week. It has everything....drama, love, friendship, affairs, betrayal, enemies, hate, revenge. You name it! It all seems so.....familiar somehow but on a much smaller scale. Gran Hotel is subtitled which I love, hoping to pick up some (more) Spanish but they speak so fast that it is almost impossible and I have a knack for languages.
I took a nice long walk downtown Portland tonight and last night I strolled around in my area, close to Multnomah village. I saw these beautiful flowers or is it a plant? Not sure what to call it but it was quite majestic.

And this mural. Pretty!

But now it is time for the muy hermosa Alicia y Julio and the rest of the characters in Gran Hotel, I have been waiting all day to sit down to watch it and bite my nails. Ahhhhh.....revenge. You will ALL get what you so much deserve one of these days. I am sure you know exactly who and what I am referring to when you read these words.


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Mr. B on :

Common name is “Red hot pokers”.
I bought seeds once in New Mexico.

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