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Weird And Confusing

How are you doing in these weird and confusing times, do you feel a bit CONFUSED just like I do?
Well if you do feel like me and even if you don't, I suggest you watch this YouTube video that Wonderhussy recently released. She is feeling philosophical at Walker Lake which is located in Nevada. I driven past it several times when heading to Burning Man (and back). She went there searching for answers since the quarantine had left here feeling endorheic. Thanks Sarah for teaching me a new word! (Sarah is Wondehussy's "real" name).
I been watching Sarah's videos at night when I am up until 3 or 4 am reading, she makes for great company.

I have been having a difficult time getting up in the mornings, more like noon, which is morning for me. I just want to continue sleeping. Once I am up I am good.
So it is Wednesday today right? I had to think about it for a second, all days are the same. I have a few things on my to do list today and I will slowly start getting ready so I can head out and be productive.
But before I go, check out this sign that hangs in the entrance of some store in the Bronx. Now this is my kind of place....I like people that say it like it is. I can't stand beating around the bush fake bullshit.

In general I noticed that a lot of people have NO CLUE how to cough and sneeze in public, virus or no virus, I do not want anyones wet cough or sneeze on me or my stuff. I also saw a store employee sneeze next to the produce, in the direction of the produce. Blergh.
Also in these times when the public is encouraged to be extra careful do you really have to bring in the WHOLE family to the grocery store? Like Mom, Dad (or Dad of the month) and ALL the children? Can't just one person do the shopping with a list perhaps? I saw a toddler chewing on a piece of food in the store, saliva all over the hands and snot running out of the nose. This is what kids do but they should do it at home. Then the people that need to touch everything.....even if they are not going to buy it. Why?
And that was that, see you next time I check in here.....until then take care!


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Ian on the run on :

This last pic is fuuucking funny :-) Love it!
I.'d like to have something alike to give/show to every joggers, these bustards! They never know what distance means!

Tatiana on :

No they don't. They come charging like bulls breathing on everything with their mouths open big.

Ian on the run on :

Yai lets rant! :-)

Tati on :

I have a ton of rants!

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