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Let's look at a few pictures from Portland, where I live.....
I've been wanting a picture with this sign for a while, finally it happened!

The Willamette River flows through Portland.

There are many bridges connecting the city.

Keep Portland Weird - the unofficial motto of Portland, as well as the mantra of the city's residents.

Voodoo Doughnut. Not visible in this picture but the sign says, "Good Things Come In Pink Boxes" on one side and the other side says, "The Magic Is In The Hole".
Yep, that pretty much sums it up.

The one and only doughnut I got from Voodoo Doughnut (so far), this one is called Viscious Hibiscus.

Peace Pole. One side in English and the other in Swedish....although "vaere" is Norwegian so something is not adding up....

A tree in bloom, so pretty! I think this is a magnolia tree.

Coffee shop.

The Willamette Week. The headlines reflect the current situation.

I saw this in a window, thought it was cute.

Outside Providence Park, a sports and entertainment venue. The blurry text on top spells out, "Be Well Everybody We Will See You Soon".

And there you go, a glimpse of Portland!


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