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The Supermoon Of April 2020

The supermoon of April 2020 is shining down on my house right now. No social distancing for the moon, tonight is the closest it will be to us earthlings this year and it is also the largest moon of the year.....and this moon is called the Pink Moon. I went outside to take a look at it, didn't look pink (I knew it wouldn't) but it looked nice next to Mount Hood. I did what I could with my cellphone camera, there were people out with long telephoto lenses hoping to get a killer shot to end up in the news.
Well....this is my news channel, Tati News and here is tonight's pink supermoon.

Let's send some positive wishes and good thoughts to the moon tonight for this planet and everybody living on it.


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Aliens With Altitudes on :

Wish you and your lovely photos were broadcast to the heavens.
We would come visit with all of our friends.

Tatiana on :

Who are we? And who are the friends? Aliens?
I am curios now!

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