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This is a mural I saw here in Portland the other day, isolation - how fitting.
The mural has been there since way before this situation.

What's new since the COVID-19 pandemic broke out are these messages on the freeways.

And I found this is the mail today, President Trump's Coronavirus Guidelines For America. Trust me, some people need to be reminded of the guidelines on a daily basis. Some need to carry the guidelines in their purse or glue it to their cell phone.

This might be interesting for the people that don't live in the US that read my blog, I know countries differ on how the coronavirus is handled. In Sweden for example there are not as many restrictions as here in Oregon as of now at least. Norway and Finland, from what I have read are more similar to here. So here in schools are open, libraries at least in Portland are closed, no bars and restaurants are open, some restaurants have even closed their take out because guess what....they can not guarantee that their staff is not sick (makes sense), no spas or nail places are open (do your own hair and nails), malls are closed which means that most stores are closed, concerts and sporting events are postponed. So basically everything that is considered NON essential is closed.
Traveling to for example the coast from Portland is strongly discouraged. No group gatherings allowed. People are advised to keep a distance (unless sharing household).
So what's open? Grocery stores are open. Some of them you can walk right into and others like Costco, Market of Choice and Trader Joe's you have to stand in line to get into (depending on the hour and the amount of people in the store) and when you stand in line you have to stay 6 feet apart from each other (there are markers on the ground) and an employee of the store stands at the front door explaining to people about how to practice social distancing. Pharmacies and pet stores are open, gas stations and post offices as well. So basically the essential places.
There is plenty of food in the grocery stores, there are some items missing in all (or most) of stores. I've noticed the lack of toilet paper (of course and I did NOT stock up in case you wonder), Lysol and Clorox wipes, rice and pasta, loose grain in those scoop it yourself bins, peanut butter and chicken.
Another item that I noticed was completely gone in a Fred Meyer and almost gone in a Trader Joe's last week was tonic water, because it contains quinine. So I grabbed one of the last six packs at Trader Joe's because I actually like sipping on tonic water once on a while. As long as there is food and I can eat I will be OK for now I feel.
Downtown Portland has a lot of homeless people and right now that area is a petri dish. The homeless have taken over downtown. I know that life is much more difficult when you are homeless, basic hygiene and social distancing is probably not easy but when I am downtown and see what's going on there I am like.....WTF. How did this happen?
Here is what I DON'T think is cool. Mass stocking up on toilet paper, hand sanitizers and wipes to sell later for profit. You might think you are some kind of an entrepreneur doing that but no you're not.
All those 'trying to get attention' lame dummies that lick toilet seats, deodorants (on store shelves), cough on food in stores ON PURPOSE for their dumb social media channels. And the people that subscribe to these shitty social media channels and give them attention. And all the other asses that cough and sneeze on food and people on purpose. Poor examples of the human race. Those idiots deserve to get really sick.
And that was a little recap of what the situation looks like over here as we are approaching the end of March 2020.


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