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Coffee At Home

So since a while almost two weeks when they first started talking about social distancing and all of that I have been making my coffee at home.
It's not as good as a vanilla latte at one of my favorite coffee shops but good enough! And some days I have no coffee at all which works too....I can do that without feeling irritated or like I am lacking something. I do not need caffeine to wake up.
I still go and get a vanilla latte at a cafe once or twice a week, today I got one with Oatly milk and it was delicious. I can watch the barista throughout the whole process. I would not get take out right now though. I have no way of knowing whether the people handling my food are sick or not and how they are acting while cooking, like coughing or sneezing. So no thanks to take out. I will handle my own food as much as possible, at least for now.
So here I have a Gevalia cappuccino. Gevalia is a coffee brand from Sweden.

And a Starbucks vanilla latte.

But certain things I can't live without....otherwise I do get cranky and one of those things is a daily dessert. Strawberry rhubarb pie with vanilla bean ice cream and whipped cream. Yes please.


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Mr.B on :

I do not believe any of the nonsense reporters on TV. They should all recuse themselves and stay off of the airwaves.
But I believe that rhubarb pie and ice cream will keep you alive! it is good to see you are well and finding food.

Tatiana on :

Yes you are right....rhubarb pie and ice cream will keep me and you as well alive!

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