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Cherry Blossoms

Hi! I am alive! We are a couple of days into the Stay At Home or Shelter In Place executive order here in Oregon. It was recommended prior to last Monday. Now it's a law and you can get in trouble if you violate it, it's a misdemeanor (Class C) and you could get a fine (a fine is never fun, less spending money) or do some time (could be fun maybe?). I am not sure how this will work with Portland's rather large homeless population that has basically taken over downtown.
A lot of places are closed down but I go to the grocery store and outside for long walks every day. I need food. The stores are recommending keeping a six foot distance from others and I also visited the post office and they have marked six feet separations on the ground with tape. As long as the stores have food I will be OK. I am down to four rolls of toilet paper but I have baby wipes, I have not stocked up on toilet paper and I have also not seen any in the stores. I guess I could always rinse off in the shower, cleaner and fresher like that anyways. I have been thinking about a more in depth blog about my COVID-19 thoughts from everything that I have gathered about the virus so far. Maybe tomorrow. I need to think about it some more and read the latest news tomorrow. are YOU? I hope well. :-)
The other day I went to see the beautiful cherry blossoms here in Portland, they are kind of all over. I have a huge one not too far from where I live that I pass everyday, it is so pretty.
These pics are from downtown by the waterfront at the Japanese American Historical Plaza.

And the one by my house. Thank You cherry blossom trees for being so beautiful! ❤️


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Steve Comeau on :

Glad you are well.
Stay safe

Tatiana on :

Yes that is the plan...
You as well!

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