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Palindrome Day

Today is palindrome day! 02 02 2020. Doesn't happen too often. Although it was palindrome day, my day was pretty normal, nothing out of the ordinary. Vanilla latte in the morning (more like noon which is morning for me), errands like post office and grocery store in the afternoon and laundry in the evening. It's almost midnight now and I will spend the next few hours reading and relaxing.
I also want to announce that I am a genius (a literary genius), officially. I did a test that consisted of knowing the meaning of 17 words and since I got all 17 right I am a genius. But I knew that already. ;-)
"CONGRATULATIONS! When it comes to words and language you have quite the vocabulary and you may just be a literary genius! You love to read and discuss your ideas with your peers. You are in constant search of meaning through social interaction, media, real-life experiences, and books. Your peers consider you an eloquent and influential speaker. You probably get a standing ovation at least once a week! Splendid work!"
Sounds like an accurate description. Standing ovation at least once a week?
Well of course! Happens all the time, sometimes a few times a day.
Well, I am going to continue my evening now. Paws ❤️.


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Annette on :

Paws♥️ Love it!

Tatiana on :

Paws are the best!

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