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Friend's Day

In Finland and Estonia Valentine's Day is also known as Friend's Day, I think that's nice. Friends are very important. Appreciate them.
Four years ago I was sad because I had just went through a very traumatic breakup. Everything felt dark and difficult and I was sad, hurt and traumatized. Rightfully so because what I went through due to another person's callous actions I do not wish on anyone. But time went by and I started feeling better....slowly. It took time. Some people gave me advice that consisted of "go out and get drunk or get laid" but that is so not who I am, that was not even on my radar. Instead I talked to friends (again friends are very important) and sometimes strangers about what I was going through, cried (for months) and read a lot about other people's heartbreaks, healings and life journeys.
Four years later and I am GRATEFUL that I did not end up with a person capable of such cruelty. He was right in one thing that he said, I would not had been happy in his neck of the woods. I definitely do not belong there. Now somebody else can deal with that kind of a twisted, cruel and sick personality mixed up with angry and scary drunken rages. I am GRATEFUL that I don't have to. I could say so much more about this, it would make for a great blog entry, so perhaps one day.
But today I am not going to dwell on the past too much.....instead Happy Friend's Day or Valentine's Day! ❤️
I ate chocolate and had a nice day together with four legged friends and a special person in my life.


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Annette on :

♥️♥️♥️ So very thankful for you and your journey thru that dark time!

Tatiana on :

As the saying goes....hindsight is 20/20 and I wasted way too much time on a person that didn't deserve it.
Thank YOU for being my friend, friend. ♥️

Annette on :


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