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Year Of The Rat

So the year of the rat is officially here - Happy New Year (again)! I feel bad for the people of China that are at risk for being infected with a potentially deadly virus. I feel bad for the people of China in general, it does not seem like a fun place to live, citizen control to the max.

So for like a year now I have been eating this salad, it is SO good. I usually add tomatoes or a bell pepper and a cranberry and walnut salad topper. I am not tired of eating this salad and I have it at least once a week. And I have also been trying different Beyond Meat products. Very yummy.
You want to become healthier? Skip the meat and try this salad. Or any salad.
Also, seems to me that all the dangerous viruses like the coronavirus for example are somehow linked to unsanitary animal meat handling practices and people eating that meat. Plus the abhorrent inhumane treatment of the animals that often go hand in hand with places that offer meat for sale. No thanks to meat. Animals are sentient beings. It's proven. How could you possibly eat them?

In the midst of a virus spreading from China to other countries and an ongoing impeachment trial here in the US, I tried floating for the first time last week. And yes you bobble on the surface like a cork, it was an interesting experience and I will try it again. I went to a place called Float North that I was very happy with. I will go there again.

And that's about it. I have to wake up at 7 30 am, getting up early is not something that I enjoy but I volunteer on Mondays so it is what it is. I better try to sleep soon because it's after 2.


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Ian on the run on :

LOVE IT !! ;-

Did I say Happy 2020 ?? and did I miss your Birthday, Tati??
I am sorry, was flooded by work.

Hope you are awesome well! At least it looks your are in wellshape, as ever! ;-)


Tatiana on :

Happy New Year to you as well!
Birthday came and went.
Hope you are well!

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