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Exploring Astoria & Seaside

I spent some time on the Oregon coast exploring the small towns of Astoria and Seaside. Lots of interesting history here. And many salty old men with long beards walking around.
Sacagawea, Lewis and Clark plus entourage made it to Seaside and saw the Pacific Ocean towards the end of 1805.

Peace and Friendship was mentioned, I think the Native Americans got the short end of the stick.

Seaside is a beach town with lots of touristy shops and restaurants.

There are lighthouses.

And a long beach.

The Grave of the Unknown Sailor.

The shipwreck of Peter Iredale that ran ashore in 1906, located on a beach in Warrenton. There is not much left of it.

The Astoria-Kegler bridge connecting Oregon and Washington. I think it's a bit scary to drive across it and there are people that are brave enough to bike it.

The bridge engulfed in fog.

I met a friend. Another alien.

Found a fly agaric.

There is a place in Astoria called Coffee Girl, go there if you ever make it to Astoria.
One of the original coffee girls.

I am a coffee girl too!

The Astoria Column. I climbed the stairs to the top and felt like I was going to faint when I stepped outside to look at the view. Worth going up there but I am scared of heights. Once it good enough for me.

The Underground Shops in Astoria - great shopping!

Somebody painted a painting of me. How nice!


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