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Birthday time (!).....again. Felt a bit melancholic about that today. Started out with a bath and a face mask around 1am, so I would go to bed nice and clean and wake up the same way. Woke up several hours later and went for a long walk with my babies, no matter what kind of a day it is animals always come first.
Had English Breakfast tea and crackers with very good cheese. If you are into crackers, try the ones by Raincoat Crisps, I really like those. Took a nap around 6 pm and woke up by 7. Got ready and went to Kachka, a Russian restaurant. Today I wanted my fave soup which is barszcz. At Kachka they have Russian style red beet soup and they call is borscht. Not as good as my Mom makes it but still OK. Then I had some cheese dumplings. The portions were too small for my taste, I like food and I want to feel satisfied after eating a full meal at a restaurant. And for dessert a nice glass of black tea and some cookies. I was very pleased with the tea. Served in a glass with thinly sliced lemons on the side and sugar. That is how I remember tea from my childhood.

Then it got late and it was time to make it home. Felt a bit of melancholy has to do with that time goes by so fast. And birthdays are a reminder of that.


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