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Secret Santa

First of all Happy Winter Solstice!
So last night I was at work and we did the Secret Santa thing. To understand what to get for each other we were asked to write down our likes and dislikes. I actually said that I didn't need anything and wrote down more general stuff that you can't really give as a gift. You technically could but we agreed on not spending more than around $50, which is reasonable. It's not like I am expecting to get a random live animal or several Rolfing (also known as Structural Integration) sessions or a ticket to Burning Man. The things on my list are things that I like mixed in with a splash of humor (of course). Ohhhhh and I wrote that I dislike men. Because yes, in general I do.
My Secret Santa actually gave me something that I can use and that I will enjoy so I was very happy.

Since the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show was cancelled this year I decided to bring a little Victoria's Secret to you. I wore this teddy from Victoria's Secret for the first time.....(teddy is such a weird word for lingerie but whatever).

And in case you are looking for a very yummy perfume for yourself or a special lady in your life, I have a "new" scent. Decadence by Marc Jacobs. It is not my fave perfume but I would never waste my favorite perfume at work.


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