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Spirit Of Christmas

Are you feeling the spirit of Christmas yet? I'm like....meh. It's raining every other day here, no snow....I definitely do not feel Christmasy at all, although I did hang my very colorful wreath on the front door today. The tree is still in its box and all the Christmas decorations are boxed up as well. I have a gnome out....that's it. I have a plastic tree, no cutting down trees only to discard them later for me. Poor trees! I feel bad for all the trees that get used and abused every year. I've had the same plastic tree for over ten for me.
Today my plan was to go and see the Lucia celebration at a church downtown. We celebrate Lucia in Sweden on December 13 every year, it's an old tradition and today there was going to be a traditional Swedish Lucia event here in town. Glögg was going to be served and Santa promised to show up, well I love glögg and I like Lucia so I had planned on attending. Once I got to downtown I could not find parking, I did not want to pay for parking either in some overpriced parking garage. I ran inside and took a look at the event 10 minutes before the scheduled start and I just felt cranky, I did not want to sit at a hard bench for almost two hours and then feel crammed like a sardine in a box while trying to get a small cup of glögg with everybody else. So I left. I have my own glögg at home anyways......That was my Grinch moment of the day.
Now I am home, on the couch eating chocolate, feeling cozy and lazy. I freakin' love my couch.
This was my latte the other day....very much in the spirit of Christmas.


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