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The PACT Act

It's 3 AM Thanksgiving Day and I am debating whether I should sleep or stay up a bit longer. I am a night owl. I don't have any plans for Thanksgiving, it's not something I celebrate in a big way. My fave holiday is Halloween, or Summer Solstice if I am in Sweden, New Years if I am at some rave or club besides that my fave week of the year is the week of Burning Man. Because Burning Man is like celebrating all your fave holidays for a whole week. I will make some mashed potatoes and I have some cranberry relish, green beans from a can and two pies and vanilla bean ice cream. Good enough for me. The pies are from the store, no baking or cooking on my part with the exception of the potatoes.
Let's talk about something that matters, the other day an important law took effect, The Pact Act. It's the Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture Act that is a spin on the ban on crush videos that took effect in 2010. This law was proposed back in January by a Democrat and a Republican, not that it matters for me but it matters for some. The President signed it this past Monday I think. Good....about time! I think the law should cover a broader spectrum of animal abuse and torture but this is a step in the right direction. To me a person that abuses an animal is sick and dangerous and needs to be locked up, I would like to see animal abusers have to register like sex offenders do. Lengthy sentences for people that mistreat innocent animals, make room for them in jail and free the non violent criminals instead.
I hate people like that. That's right - hate.
You can learn more about the PACT Act here.

I have a memory from a few years back that still makes me uneasy. I was in Alaska....I lived in Kenai with somebody I used to be together with. We were outside one evening and I saw a large beetle of some sort scurry across the deck, I had never seen a beetle that big before and for a second I thought that I shouldn't point out the beetle to him (the ex) cause he might stomp it but then I thought no he knows I care for all living things even insects so I pointed at the beetle and said something like....oh look how big! My intention was to scoop it up and take it to the side of the house or into the forest. Well.....his face distorted into a grin and with a crazy look in his eyes he stomped that poor beetle once with his huge heavy boot while loudly laughing together with his brother that happened to be visiting. I got upset. I STILL think about that moment, how bad I felt for the beetle, for showing him the beetle, how psychotic he looked in that moment when he stomped it. And guess what, he turned out to be the most evil person I have encountered so far in my life. That was just a minor demonstration of what he is capable of.
What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?
I am thankful for my health, my strength, friends and family including pets, that I have food to eat every day and a comfortable home with everything that I need and I am also thankful that I am not sharing my time with a person that finds joy in being cruel. I never belonged there cause I am not like that.


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