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Portland Breakfast

Sunday night and foggy outside. I love it when it's foggy, the outside feels so mysterious.
Smith Tea came out with a new tea called "Portland Breakfast" - perfect for a rainy Portland morning or evening for that matter. I have lived in Portland for a year now, a year that went by really fast. I have only scraped on the surface of this city.

This cutie got some food today and something tasty to chew on. Animals are amazing, please treat them right. ♥️

I went to see a Pink Floyd tribute band last night - In The Pink. Three hours of Pink Floyd, excellent performance.

And here is a latte I had a while back with a fun framed message that I saw in the same coffeeshop.

I am going to spend the rest of my evening reading. My latest obsession is a very intelligent human, Václav Smil. I am studying him and deciding on which one of his books to read first, 40 published so far. He has been named one of the top global thinkers and I would really like to attend an event where he is speaking. What an honor to be one of the top global thinkers.....something to strive for. In a world where clowns like Kanye West and Dan Bilzerian are talking about running for president in 2024 (seriously scary and comical as well).....and people looking up to everything fake and vapid like the Kartrashians and others like them it is truly reassuring that intelligence and class still exists.


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Jeff on :

That's not Chhaya, did you get new dog???

Tatiana on :

That is not Chhaya....that is a boy dog that got some food and a bully stick to chew on. I volunteer on Sundays and the volunteering has to do with providing food for dogs and cats. That was one of the dogs that showed up.

Steve Comeau on :

Thanks for the heads up on Vaclav Smil.

Tatiana on :

Yes! :-)
I think I will start with reading "Should We Eat Meat?: Evolution and Consequences of Modern Carnivory".

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