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Post Halloween

It is November 3.....and it is post Halloween which is my fave time of the year. I usually go to several haunted houses (I looooove running through a haunted house screaming at the top of my lungs while chased by a bald guy with a loud chainsaw) but this year I was a real fogbone and went to only one. The thought was to go to at least two but after freezing in line for almost two hours to get into House Of Shadows the thought of freezing in another line made me decide to stay inside where it is warm and cozy.
I went to House of Shadows with my friend Tawny, she is only 21 and full of energy....good that I am too.

Hope everybody had a fun Halloween. I made a quick stop at Blåkulla of course.

I am watching movies tonight, right now The Dirt (about Mötley Crüe) and drinking tea. I am so tired today. I started volunteering, so on Sundays and Mondays I am busy with that. On Sundays I do something outside and animal related and on Mondays I sit at a desk acting very proper at a non profit organization. Plus I am trying to catch up on my studying, I am not particularly fond of studying when there are other things I could do instead but at some point I think I should be done. Hopefully. It is bedtime soon, I have to be at my desk at 9 am tomorrow.


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