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Area 51

Area 51 has been in the news a lot lately due to Alienstock, the "takeover" or raid that prompted people from all over to gather in Rachel, Nevada. Initially there was talks of a couple of million people gathering for the raid and in the end a fraction showed up. Traveling to remote places is easier said than done. Rachel is located about 150 miles from Las Vegas.
Well.....I have been to Rachel several times, not at all out of the way for me. I heard a sonic boom twice while sitting at Little A'Le'Inn, Area 51 is after all a U.S. Air Force training range. After following directions from one of the locals and driving down an unmarked dirt road for ten miles I arrived to a point where I stopped the car and read a sign that basically said that deadly force may be used if crossing into Area 51. A black SUV was already there, "they" (Area 51 military people) knew they had visitors. We (I was with my ex boyfriend) sat there for about 10 minutes while I recorded with my VHS (I need to find that tape!), this was before cell phones. And before Instagram. Some people travel to places only for content for their Instagram Feed, I traveled all over the beautiful Southwest in my old Toyota 4Runner for the love of nature, hot springs, hiking, camping, feeling alive and exploring.
There is a lot going on with theories about extraterrestrials and unidentified flying objects. Even the US Navy recently admitted to some footage showing UFOs.
I watched that footage. Some highly religious people might have a very difficult time coming to terms with intelligent life on other planets, should this be true.
I think there is so much information out there hidden from us on purpose.
I spent many nights camping in my car in the middle of nowhere, never seen a UFO or an alien (that I know of) but I did experience feeling scared and strongly feeling that something was not right while spending the night at an Indian petroglyph site in Ash Springs, Nevada. We were not welcome there during the night. I explored the area during the day but nighttime was completely different.
Here I am.....back in 2003.


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Steve on :

I've been very busy / distracted and haven't checked your blog in a few years.
Very happy you're still posting.
Keep up the good work!

Tatiana on :

In a few years!! Yes that is a long time of being distracted!
Welcome back!

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