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Yesterday I HAD to see what the people and Rose City Antifa plus the Proud Boys planned rally would be all about. The last time this happened in Portland I was in Sweden but I wasn't going to miss it this time.
Members of the Proud Boys, a far-right neo-fascist organization, had arrived in Portland to get some attention. They are not welcome here. After looking a bit into what the Proud Boys stand for I understand why they are not welcome. They glorify violence, they believe that women are lazy and subservient to men, of course they are against feminism. Also they are anti semitic and against pretty much everyone that isn't white and heterosexual. I was hoping to be able to hear what the Proud Boys had to say but I didn't see much of them. There were a few clashes of people but the Proud Boys were pretty much missing in action, I got there too late I later found out. I did witness a few of them get transported out of downtown in a couple of buses and there were some loud arguing during that. And two guys drove up and down Naito Parkway in way too loud lifted up Ford trucks with the American flag hanging out, spewing dark fumes out of the exhaust. A display of LAME.
Antifa has received lots bad rap lately but I do not think they are as bad as people that listen to the news think that they are. I suspect that far right groups like the Proud Boys and others are responsible for way more violence (really BAD acts of violence) than antifa. Trump has mentioned that he is considering branding antifa a terrorist organization but if he goes through with that then the Proud Boys and similar groups should be branded terrorist organizations as well.
There was a LOT of law enforcement presence downtown, it was interesting to be there and witness it. People were chanting, "Whose town? Our Town", the energy was up. The public had been advised to stay away and don't get involved but the right to assemble is written in the Constitution and I believe in that right.
Majority of the people were friendly and respectful but ready to loudly stand their ground with the message that fascism is not welcome in Portland. Or in today's society. There were regular people like me there mixed with masked protesters that might had been members of antifa (I didn't ask). Young and old, women and men. All together.
I left after about two hours. I have read up about Rose City Antifa and what they stand for is something that I absolutely agree with. It is great that antifa (anti-fascists) are out there standing up against far right groups. I might join them.

That's right!

Two buses with a few of the Proud Boys in them.


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