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I saw this on Craigslist a while ago,
"Have you ever been told to "Smile More" by someone? How did that make you feel? Good, bad, indifferent? We're hoping to change that. We're casting for a social-only video for a new health & beauty start up, but we're taking a different, much more empowering approach, and we're looking for real women (not actors), ages 21-35, all ethnicities, all looks who have experienced being told to "Smile More" by others.
The video role will require speaking in your own words, directly to a cellphone, in locations in and around the Lake Oswego, Tigard, and Portland Metro areas.
Total time required filming is 20 minutes max and we will compensate you $20 cash."
So I sent a reply with a link to a blog entry from last year when I was at Burning Man where I mention the phenomena of suddenly being approached by a stranger, (always a man) who is telling you to smile. But I did decided not to participate in the shoot although I got the offer to because I already had plans that weekend. Otherwise you would had been able to view me explain why I think people that do not know you at all but demanding that you "Smile" are completely inappropriate and annoying as fuck.
You won't get a smile out of me if you happen to tell me that. You might get a lecture instead. Or a FUCK OFF BITCH depending on my mood.
Coincidentally enough the letter of the week in last week's edition of the Portland Mercury covers this strange smile phenomena. Here you and ponder.


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