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Scored A Ticket!

I scored a ticket to see Marilyn Manson! FINALLY! I have been wanting to see him for a long time but every time the tickets have either been sold out or he has not been anywhere close to my location. Last year me and Desi were almost going to go to Oakland all the way from Bend to see him and there was a meet and greet option that we wanted to do but in the end we didn't and I regret that a bit but in a few months I will see Marilyn Manson in Portland instead (no meet and greet though). Yeay! Besides him I would love to see Die Antwoord (Yolandi is great) and Rihanna of course.
And speaking of tickets, the Man burns in 148 days. I got a ticket to Burning Man this year, I feel very lucky and also grateful but it's over four months until Burning Man and nothing is for sure as of yet. :-D


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Annette on :

I am looking forward to all your pictures and stories of Burning Man❤️

Tatiana on :


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