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Keith Flint

What the fuck happened? Keith Flint is gone, he passed away this last Monday so March 4.
I can't believe this, he was only 49 and he was freakin' AMAZING. So sad. I can't believe this. WHY? WHY? WHY?
Back in the day Keith was my HUGE number one crush, I've had a few but the most notable were Nick Carter (Backstreet Boys) and then I regained my senses and it was Keith Flint (the Prodigy), Keoki (a DJ), Chester Bennington (Linkin Park) and Ville Valo (HIM). In fact last time I saw the Prodigy in concert they opened up for Linkin Park in Las Vegas, that was back in 2011. And Chester is gone too, something I could not comprehend for a long time.
The first time I say the Prodigy in concert was at Coachella and I was completely blown away. That performance was the most energetic thing I have ever seen and Keith was electric. Just the best. After that I could not stop talking about was Keith, Keith, Keith, Keith non stop Keith every day. My poor friends patiently listened (and suffered most likely) to how much I just loved Keith and how perfect he was and how much I wanted to meet him and hopefully he would like me too....Seriously, the most adorable guy with a beautiful smile, beautiful face and kind eyes. One evening I just happened to run into a guy named Solomon that was affiliated with XL Recordings in London and the Prodigy was under the label and after he had listened to me blabber about my love for Keith and the Prodigy he said something like, "well if you come to London I will take you to a few of their shows".
He probably thought I was nuts. Well, I packed a suit case, got a one way ticket, left Vegas and spent about three months in London. I went to three Prodigy shows and even saw Keith backstage but I was so shy that I did not know what to say. I could only stare at him while my heart was pounding. Sometimes I get so shy that I can't do anything. Of course I wish I would had at least asked him for a hug. And a picture together. Perhaps forced him to go on a coffee date? Huge regret.
I even went to wherever he was living back then, a train ride from London. I can't recall now if it was Braintree or Chelmsford and I went to the local post office and sent a letter addressed to Keith Flint. Months later when I was back in Vegas I received a signed cd.
I hope Keith is somewhere good now. I wish he had not died like that. It makes me feel really bad for him. I feel sad over this....such a loss of a beautiful human.
Keith Flint one of a kind. ❤️ Much love.
Here is a collage I put on the outside of one of my folders a long time ago.


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