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PSI 2020

PSI 2020 is the Psilocybin Service Initiative of Oregon. It will be on the ballot in 2020, the proposal to legalize psilocybin therapy. Oregon residents can sign. Oregon is on the forefront of this and the first state to do this. I have read a ton about psilocybin therapy, also MDMA therapy and other substances that can aid in therapy, like Ibogaine. Plant medicine. It is all in the plants. So be kind to nature!
The other day I went to see a documentary, Magic Medicine that followed a few clinically depressed individuals in the UK who took part in a controlled psilocybin study. After they had been on various pharmaceuticals (anti depressants) for years and nothing had really helped, temporary fixes only. Their depression was treatment resistant.
I do not know how it feels to have major depression. I know how it feels to feel sadness, anxiety, despair and when everything just feels difficult and you don't want to do anything but I still managed to go ahead and get myself out of that on my own without self medicating in any way. But for those with clinical depression, for those life/things/everything feel dark and meaningless unless they can find something that can help them.
I am absolutely 100% for the use of psilocybin and whatever other substances deemed safe and useful to be used as tools to help people.
The documentary was interesting, the showing was at Portland's Hollywood Theatre and almost every seat was taken.
To learn more check out

But I thought that the question and answer session afterwards with the chief petitioners of ballot PSI 2020, Tom and Sheri Eckert was better. To read more about it and understand this more go to

There is a fundraiser coming up this Saturday March 3, the event is sold out. That is great....sold out!

Since I can't sign for PSI 2020 I got a t-shirt in support of the cause and I am also spreading the word.
I absolutely believe in the power of magic mushrooms, in the power of plant medicine in general.


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