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Helloooooo it is February 14 and that means it is Valentine's Day so if you are reading this TODAY - Happy Valentine's Day! ❤️
Of course boxes of chocolates, chocolate dipped strawberries and bouquets of flowers are flying off the shelves today, big profits for retailers. I personally do not like cut flowers, flowers belong outside or growing in me having flowers on display at home slowly rotting away in a vase only to get thrown out after about a week is a complete waste. Poor flowers, I actually feel bad for them.
It is raining (again) in Portland. The winter storm that the city frantically prepared for like it was doomsday came and went, basically strong winds, wet snow that melted away and more rain. WOW what a storm! Not.
I am going to spend today on the couch and in bed with my cuddly fur babies. I got two movies to watch, Bohemian Rhapsody and A Private War. So Bohemian Rhapsody is about Freddie Mercury, one of the best vocalists ever and an amazing performer.

I remember hearing Radio Ga Ga on the radio a long time ago and I thought it was weird....I didn't get the gaga what did it mean? But I always thought Freddie's voice was very strong and beautiful and according to what I have read he was a beautiful human being as well. Gone too soon unfortunately. A Private War is about Marie Colvin, a very brave journalist that lived a fascinating life. I very much admire journalists like her. She too is gone too soon. People that made a difference. I admire those.

The best thing you can do for your significant other (if you have one) and do not be sad if you don't because a lot of relationships are far from the perfect picture people (often the woman in the relationship) pretend it is on social media. Sometimes it is better to enjoy your own company or the company of loyal and loving pets....BUT if you do have a significant other I think the best thing you can do is to give a long and thorough foot rub. Don't be lazy, massage your woman's feet, her head, neck, shoulders and back too. Why are you expecting your penis to get attention if you can't give attention to what feels good to the other person?
I had a boyfriend a while back and NOW I am SO eternally GRATEFUL that we are not together anymore, it ended in a bad way but I do think it would had ended in an even worse way had we stayed together because he was just a ticking time bomb and now he can go off in drunken rages at his current (also a drunk) partner instead of subjecting me and Chhaya to his awful moods and behaviors. Anyhow he would come home and just expect me to jump for joy at the sight of his erection when in fact it didn't do much for me because that it all it was....a hard penis. First of all, any guy would be lucky to have me as a girlfriend because I am just THAT amazing, Thank You YES I know this about myself. So you do something for me instead of acting like a cranky child over your penis because that is NOT sexy OK. If an erection is all you have to offer then you don't have much.
Actually four years ago at Valentine's Day I was sad and crying and today this Valentine's Day I won't be crying. I am not pretending that life is perfect because it has it's ups and downs but I am good.
And lo and behold that asshole called me one evening after he had betrayed me in the worst way and even stolen from me only to tell me that he had made a mistake and how much he missed me and bla bla bla some other ramblings that I do not recall anymore.
No motherfucker, I am glad we are not together anymore although it took me a while to get over the shock of the betrayal.....being with you for as long as I stuck around was a mistake on my part. I should had listened to my gut/soul when it told me to leave several times, the first time about six months into the relationship and a few times afterwards but one of my faults is that I am loyal, too loyal even when people don't deserve it. It would had been way better for me if I would had left him, better both emotionally and financially. He is now exactly where he belongs, in a white trash drunken stupor together with the handsome woman he fits so perfectly with. Don't worry ol' lady, I do not want him back. Serve him biscuits and gravy or else! Cause I sure refused. No thanks. Several people came forward afterwards and said that they always thought I was way out of his league. And you know what....those people were right.
Anyhow, gentlemen.....give your significant other a nice massage without expecting anything in return. XOXO


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Annette on :

This makes my heart happy ❤️ for you..... Life is a journey and you have conquered and risen from the ashes of that darkness

Tatiana on :

It did feel very dark for a while but that is behind me now and I am glad. is a journey and I am grateful that I have been able to share some of it with YOU Annette. ❤️

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