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Depeche Mode:101

Last night I saw a documentary called Depeche Mode:101 about what else.....Depeche Mode. The screening was inside the Whitsell Auditorium at the Portland Art Museum and it was a full house. The documentary was filmed in 1988 and they (DM) look so young....OMG I was a young teenager back then and I loved Depeche Mode and I still do. 30 years have went by since then....I'm not a teenager anymore but still kind of feel like one most days. So back then Depeche Mode had four members, now they are three. Alan Wilder quit the band years ago.
I liked all that had to do with Depeche Mode in this documentary, their stage performances especially but I could had easily skipped on the footage of the group of fans because that was completely uninteresting. The fan footage reminded me of MTV's Real World before the first Real World had even been thought of.
Will there be another Depeche Mode tour in the future? If so, I hope I can go (again), I have seen them in concert twice.


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