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When I arrived at school today I did notice the lack of cars in the parking lot....I guess I was one of the few that did not get the memo that classes were cancelled due to weather. Weather? It looked perfectly fine to me, sure it got cold and snowed last night but the snow melted away during the day today. So I do not see the reason to cancel anything. Like why? These people obviously have zero concept of winter. You know...droves of snow, challenging driving conditions and freezing temperatures. There is no winter in Portland right now, not what I call winter at least.

As you can see in the pic, it is absolutely impossible to safely maneuver around in these horrendous conditions. Much safer to stay at home!

So I went home and ate. Nutella croissants....SO YUMMY!

And then I studied, until my eyes got heavy and I needed a break. I have crammed in so much new information into my brain. I am sure I have forgotten half of it and the remainder is mixed up into confusion with what I do recall and understand.
Not a lot of energy for the blog right now. Sometimes I miss it, writing sure gave me something to do during many boring days and nights spent in Alaska feeling lonely but lately I have been quiet busy with studying and taking care of dogs plus other stuff and I am definitely not feeling lonely anymore. And I don't live in Alaska anymore! I still have a lot say but then I think how many times can I write about what I have already penned over and over again? I might pick up the pace of writing again or not but there will be an occasional blog entry now and then for the time being. There is definitely still a lot to talk about and perhaps some things to get off my chest, maybe. Who knows, I might be writing two entries daily next month if I feel inspired to do so.


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Annette on :

I love that your going to school❤️ I need to watch that documentary! The snow drifts here from the plows are to my shoulders

Tatiana on :

I am not too happy with the way the class has been conducted so far....but I am moving along. I have a goal in mind after all.
Look up the documentary, they all look so cute in it.

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